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General Conditions Bem Me Care

1. The provision of Recruitment and Selection (R&S) services awarded by the client to Bem Me Care is subject to these General Conditions.

2. The R&S service provided by Bem Me Care begins with the opening of the process and ends with the selection and placement of the candidate for the client’s service.

3. There are two types of R&S: permanent R&S and occasional R&S. Permanent R&S is understood, whenever there is a continuous contractual link between the client and the candidate. Occasional R&S means the use of the service in a timely manner, with no contractual continuity between the candidate and the client.

4. Bem Me Care is not responsible for any damage to property, non-property or other, attributable to the candidate selected by the client.

5. It will be the client’s responsibility to verify, control and carry out all the acts necessary for the candidate to meet the conditions to be admitted, including the level of legalization for permanence or provision of work in Portugal and medical examinations or in general, any other authorization or qualification that is necessary. In addition, it will be the client’s responsibility to ensure that the hiring of the candidate does not imply a violation, in any way, of the applicable legislation.

6. The client undertakes to inform Bem Me Care of the negotiations arising between him and the candidate, namely communicating the definitive offer made to a candidate, the respective type of bond and the start date of contracting or providing services. If this is not the case, it is considered valid to place the candidate at the client’s service, within one week after the interview.

7. After the end of the R&S process between Bem Me Care and the client, whether for a permanent hiring service or an occasional request, the remuneration of the salary or the provision of services respectively, will be the responsibility of the client.

8. In recruitment processes for the international segment, Bem Me Care is not responsible for expenses inherent to hiring the candidate, namely visas, travel, vaccines, among others.

9. Fees resulting from any provision of services must be paid by the customer in cash.

10. Payment must be made by bank transfer (IBAN: PT50006509240032783000436). Bem Me Care does not refund fees. 

 11. Fees

Permanent R&S:

1 salary (charged on the candidate’s entry day);

Occasional R&S:

1 month: 33% of salary
3 weeks: 35% of salary
2 weeks: 40% of salary
1 week: 50% of salary

12. If any of the candidates presented by Bem Me Care to the client were to be hired by the client, within the six months following the date of the first interview between the candidate and the client, the client constitutes an obligation to pay Bem Me Care the estimated fees.

13. Replacement Warranty

Permanent R&S: if the employment contract between the candidate and the client ends during the first 4 weeks, Bem Me Care will endeavor to find a replacement (with a maximum of 2 candidates), without additional costs to the customer. The guarantee period is counted from the date on which the first placed candidate takes up his duties. Bem Me Care will proceed with the replacement within the warranty period, as long as the invoices are fully settled.

Occasional R&S: if the professional cancels a confirmed service, Bem Me Care guarantees its replacement.

14. All information made available to Bem Me Care, relating to candidates and clients, is confidential.